Dale Villajuan

It was a bus ride to the museum and my kindergarten teacher asked what I wanted to be when I grow up.  I am an Outreach Worker and Visual/Media Artist. I work in the community supporting people with their goals and sharing my experience and knowledge in the arts to the people I work with.  I have been painting for some time, evolving as an artist, and my work is chaotic yet organized.  My 1st exhibition was at the Federation of Canadian Artist Gallery, that was a pretty cool experience that ignited my drive to create a series and produce a collection of paintings.  In the recent past I exhibited at Roam Art Gallery that continued my drive as a visual artist.


When I'm not doing anything artistic I love to travel and go for road trips.  I love gourmet chocolates, my favorite movie is Eternal Sunshine and the Spotless Mind, and one word that describes me is mellow.  What is Est.109?  109 is an apartment suite number where I use to live and where my art world began, henceforth, established at suite 109.